Collector’s Loft

Chelsea, New York
Daniel Rauchwerger, Liza Tedeschi
VIPP, Alban Krasniqi
Blaine Davis, William Jess Laird

Located in the Mercantile building in Chelsea, this formerly industrial space was designed to be both a home and a gallery. Over two decades, our client assembled an incredible art collection, featuring works by notable artists from the queer community, from Wolfgang Tillmans to Oren Pinhassi and Jonathan Lyndon Chase.

BoND's redesign of the space started from rethinking the circulation in the apartment, in order to allow for more and uninterrupted wall area for exhibiting art and eliminate excessive doors. All furniture pieces were designed as counter-height or below, keeping the view open at eye level. A Restrained material palette and minimal interior choices led the collection itself to take center stage, and the art pieces to shine in their boldness.